Mac and Kaos are Bernese Mountain Dogs. The breeds loving placid nature and teddy-bear looks make them very popular.

It is is with great sadness that we farewelled Bud after a brave fight with cancer in February 2014.  His friendly and kind nature will always be remembered and tresured.

Mac loves children and will happily pose for photos. We have been fortunate to get a genuine Swiss dog cart, which Mac has great delight in pulling and showing off, particularly at the local Christmas pageant with crowds lining both sides of the street.

Bud is a little more independent than Mac, but just as loving.  Bud will take any pats on offer and when has had enough he will retreat to his hidey-hole under the bushes in the garden to watch from the comfort of his dug-out.

Our dogs are very affectionate and despite their size are docile and gentle.  They often confuse themselves with a small lap dog and don’t understand why lying on the sofa may cause a problem!

If your family is interested in having a Berner they make fantastic pets and we recommend contacting the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of WA for more information and details on WA breeders.

Below is some information about the breed taken from the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of WA (

The Bernese Mountain Dog originates from Switzerland. Although called "mountain dog" the breed developed from the farm dogs in the pre-alpine area of the Canton Berne where farmers could afford to keep fairly large dogs.
The original name of the dog was Durrbachler after Durrbach-Gasthaus, the local inn of a small hamlet where this tricoloured farm dog was often sold. They were first exhibited in 1902 at a Dog Show near Berne.
From 1910 the breed was renamed Berner Sennenhund. The direct translation of Sennenhund is "Alpine Herdsman's-dogs".
The Sennenhund comprise four different types of tricoloured dogs. Of these only the Berner Sennenhund, known in English as the Bernese Mountain Dog, has a medium to long coat.
The Sennenhund are listed below in order of size, from small to large:

Entlebucher Sennenhund

Appenzeller Sennenhund

Bernese (Berner) Sennenhund

Great Swiss (Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund)

Bernese Mountain Dogs were kept by farmers principally for protection of the farm against all intruders, alerting the approach of strangers or other animals yet friendly with all people and animals on the farm.

Some farmers may also have used Bernese in herding, although generally smaller dogs like the Appenzeller or the Entlebucher were preferred for this task.
In the city of Berne the Bernese and other big dogs were used as draught dogs by local craftsmen. In the late 19th Century Bernese were still used by some farmers to pull carts loaded with milk and cream to the dairies twice a day and to take goods to market.